Where and when did the trend toward black windows begin?

It dates back to nineteenth-century warehouses and factories. Nowadays, black windows can be found in beautiful loft condominium units in inner city areas and repurposed mill structures in country villages.

Despite the fact that they have been for a while, there’s really no sign of black windows heading away soon. This pattern may be at its peak right now, however, this is most probably due to its classic roots. Black windows complement a wide range of home styles, from farmhouse to modern and everything in between.

Why Everyone Loves Black Windows

Inside and out, black windows add a distinct style and concept to your home. You may be struck by the dramatic effect created by these windows as you look through photos of houses with them. Exteriors are typically shot at night, with rooms lit up from the inside like lanterns. White walls are commonly used in interior design to create a modern art gallery effect. This is not a protected or quiet appearance. While black windows do not scream, they are intended to make some noise.

They draw attention to your outdoor view

Photo: My Ideal Home

The bad properties of black, almost like an optical illusion, make the interior sash and grid wither away, drawing your attention to the outside view. Similar to how a simple black frame draws your attention to a painting, black windows do the same for your view.

There is no need for window treatments

Such windows are meant to be noticed and make a strong statement. It is not necessary to hide them behind heavy drapes or blinds. If privacy is an issue, invest in attractive bathrobes and can choose windows with a white interior finish. Whatever colour sashes you choose for the inside, make sure the exterior colour is constant.

Beautiful at night

Photo: Sebring Design Build

Outdoors, these windows reflect light and clouds and provide spectacular sunset views at dusk. Whenever the lights are turned on inside, they make a welcoming and warm statement.

It works well with white

With double-hung, black frame windows, the modern farmhouse stands out, particularly since they typically have white or light-coloured exteriors. When partnered with dark sashes, white walls create a chic, modern look inside.

A Few Things to Consider

If you need privacy

While it might appear to be a shame to protect these beautiful windows with window treatments, confidentiality and lighting levels may be necessary. If this is the case, consider window treatments that may be fully directed away during the day, including such curtains on rods with enough space for the curtains to clear the window. Roman and roller shades can be drawn above the window and concealed by a valance.

Having the best of both worlds

If users want to use window coverings, choose vinyl windows with black exteriors and white or off-white interiors. The whole way, introducing white plantation windows, formed drapery, or roman shades would not compete with the interior’s distinct lines.

Black interior decoration

Photo: Robert Thomas Homes

Whilst also black goes with it all, it makes more sense to bind in the windows with a reach of the same colour in one’s décor. Pillows, black-framed art, and dark worktops or cabinetry hardware can help to tie your look around each other. And black chair or sofa legs, an iron chandelier or lampshades can make a larger statement.

Daytime disappearance

During the day, these windows tend to blend into the background, particularly if they are partially obscured or have no inner coverings. This can result in a “black hole” effect, minimizing the overall effect you seek. Before making a decision, consider how to direct sun interacts with the exterior of your home throughout the day.

White can be used to add a splash of colour to dark exteriors

If users think black windows on a dark exterior will look drab, consider adding some white trim surrounding them to add concept and make things stand out.

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